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In 2015, the distinguished British fashion historian Michael Pick collaborated extensively with Rayne in order to put together his beautiful book ”Rayne  Shoes for Stars”. The book features many beautiful archive pictures as well as a number of quotes from the stars, actresses and VIPs that contributed to making the brand so successful. With a close look at the late 19th century, when Rayne London was first established, the book goes on to bring back to life the collections and events that have marked the history and the present of the brand, as well as reminding us of the many of the great designers involved: Andre Perugia, Roger Vivier, Norman Hartnell, Hardy Amies, Jean Muir, Mary Quant, Bill Gibb, Clive Shilton and Bruce Oldfield.  A retrospective exhibition by the same name, “Rayne. Shoes for Stars”, was held at the Fashion and Textile Museum in London from May to September 2015, featuring some 200 designs spanning over a century. 


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